About us

The Society of St. Vincent DePaul (SSVP) is a large, international, voluntary organization with extensive experience of working with a diverse range of people who experience poverty and exclusion. It is strongly committed to working for social justice and advocates the creation of a more just and caring society. SSVP employs people who support volunteers in a variety of settings including housing and hostels, community care, shops, administration and other specialist areas.

Having people lend a hand in service to neighbours is the "core" of what we do. That is how Frederic Ozanam started the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in 1833. That is how our organization operates today, with neighbourhood volunteers, as well as program volunteers, providing services to neighbours.

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What's Available

Our Value Store offers furniture, beds and mattresses, dishes, flatware, appliances, electronics, clothing, books and other specialty items, all at very affordable prices. Curbside delivery services are also available at a nominal cost.